Low Country Golf Club Rentals makes playing golf on your Myrtle Beach vacation easy and hassle free-by providing the clubs you want and need delivered to the location of your choice at an affordable price!

Shipping your clubs on your airline flight is expensive, a hassle to get them to and from the baggage areas, and a risk-often your clubs end up at another destination by error or are damaged in transit. That starts your golf vacation on a very sour note. Don’t take that chance.

Contact Low Country Golf Club Rentals by phone or email and relax-

  • Golf Club Rentals
  • Select the brand and type of clubs you would like to use
  • Specify any requests you may have such as right-handed or left-handed, and stiffness and length of the shaft
  • Arrange the delivery time that is most convenient for you between 7am and 7pm seven days a week, excluding holidays

Have your clubs delivered to the location of your choice-your hotel, condo, or the golf course you will play

Do you have questions about local golf courses? Ask Jim! He will be happy to provide you with the information you need to choose the right courses for your maximum enjoyment. Jim’s goal is to do everything possible to ensure your Myrtle Beach golf vacation is fun and relaxing.